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Revel Solstice Festival 2016

The 2016 Solstice Festival promises to be Revel's most ambitious festival to date with three stunning programs, food truck fun, brewery tours of 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op, a look at musical time travel, a brilliant photography exhibit by Nathan Russell, and the world premiere of Stephen Barber's Taliesin, inspired by the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Guest artists include the Bel Cuore Saxophone Quartet, jazz vocalist Dianne Donovan, and guitarist Mitch Watkins, just to name a few. You won't want to miss a single moment!  Click on the events below for more info & to purchase tickets. 


June 21 | 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op

June 23 | The Preserve

June 24 | St. Luke's on the Lake


REVEL believes that music is essential to our lives. Our passion is presenting chamber music concerts that move, delight, and inspire—we call them revels. This means the focus is on sharing and celebrating fantastic music, not on protocol. This means you can come as you are, clap when you feel like it, and revel in the music like no one is watching. 

We’re not sure who invented the rule that you have to sit up straight in prim rows, formal clothing, and complete silence to hear classical music. But it doesn’t apply here.

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