Deep Roots


Deep Roots

from 10.00

The Emperor • February 19

Francis, Harris, Lack Trio • W. K. Stratton

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Deep Roots (The Emperor)

She played Bach…I was conscious of a sturdy strength that seemed to have its roots deep in mother earth, and of an elemental power that was timeless and had no home in space. –Somerset Maugham, The Alien Corn

Musicians: Francis, Harris, Lack Trio [Graeme Francis, drums; Pat Harris, double bass; Aaron Lack, vibraphone & steel pan] | Poet: W. K. Stratton

Theme: Unlock the secrets of the Emperor with an exploration of the father, structure and authority, rules, order, clarity, and turning long-held desires into reality.

Program: Original works by the artists.

4th Tap Brewing Co-Op | $1 Off Beer | Doors 12:00pm, Music 12:30pm | Food Truck of the Day: MELTED

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