Giving Water


Giving Water


Justice • April 9

Carla McElhaney • Marcelo Montecino

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Giving Water (Justice)

What is justice? Giving water to trees. What is injustice? To give water to thorns. Justice consists in bestowing bounty in its proper place, not on every root that will absorb water. –Rumi

Music: Carla McElhaney, piano | Photographs: Marcelo Montecino

Theme: Carla McElhaney explores the realm of the Justice card through photographs provided by famed Chilean photographer Marcelo Montecino, poetry by Pablo Neruda, texts by Marco Antonio de la Parra, music by J. S. Bach, Frederic Rzewski, and more. The Justice card symbolizes the search for cause and effect, taking responsibility for one's actions, fairness and balance, making intelligent decisions, and karma.

Program: J. S. BACH | Italian Concerto (II. Andante) •  FREDERIC RZEWSKI / MARCELO MONTECINO / CARLA McELHANEY | The People United (Premiere Performance): A multimedia slideshow and live performance created by Carla McElhaney, integrating photographs by Marcelo Montecino, selected texts, and excerpts from Frederic Rzewski's The People United Will Never Be Defeated. | Poetry by PABLO NERUDA, texts by MARCO ANTONIO DE LA PARRA, and much more.

4th Tap Brewing Co-Op | Doors 12:00pm, Music 12:30pm | Food Truck: Shishman Kebap | $1 Off Beer

Today's show is a "BRUNCH WITH KMFA" event! Stay for a post-show Q & A moderated by KMFA 89.5 host DIANNE DONOVAN.

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