Life & Afterlife


Life & Afterlife


September 24
Bel Cuore Quartet • Nathan Brown

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The Bel Cuore Quartet inspires with music by Jennifer Higdon and Steve Snowden from their new CD release, Splashing the Canvas, and offers the “title track” of the series, Nick Sibicky’s Life and Afterlife. Plus, Revel Poet Laureate Nathan Brown kicks off Season 9 with a new poem commissioned in honor of Revel.


Bel Cuore Quartet

Bel Cuore

Rami El-Farrah, saxophones
Sunil Gadgil, saxophones
Michael Hertel, saxophones
Spencer Nielsen, saxophones

with Nathan Brown, poet


4th Tap Brewing Co-Op
10615 Metric Boulevard, Austin, TX 78758

Doors 12:00pm • Show 12:30pm

Brunch with KMFA
Post-show chat with the artists moderated by a celebrity host from KMFA Classical 89.5. 

P r o g r a m

JENNIFER HIGDON | Chase • Coyote Nights • Splashing the Canvas
STEVE SNOWDEN | Speed Studies • Take This Hammer
NICK SIBICKY | Life and Afterlife

About Life and Afterlife

“The creation of Life and Afterlife (2008) was, while I hate to admit it, directly inspired by a television series titled Dead Like Me.  The show follows the afterlife of an eighteen-year-old girl who tragically dies in the first episode after completing her first day at her new job.  The series continues on in the afterlife, following her in her trials and challenges in the spiritual realm (which often reflect the trials and challenges that she faced in her short-lived life) and allows for her to rant and reflect on the ‘meaning of it all.’  In this new state of being, her eyes are opened to an entirely new world containing demons, spirits, and grim reapers that she never came close to imagining during her living life.  The concept of a person’s afterlife being a wildly more expansive reflection of a person’s life appealed to me as being an inspiring programmatic form, and neatly coincided with my recent study of sitar and Indian music, as many ragas are performed with a similar structure.” ­­

—Nick Sibicky

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