Shoes Without Feet


Shoes Without Feet


Death • April 30

David Small • Jamie Small • Carla McElhaney • Adrienne Hodge

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Shoes Without Feet (Death)

Death arrives among all that sound like a shoe with no foot in it, like a suit with no man in it, comes and knocks, using a ring with no stone in it, with no finger in it, comes and shouts with no mouth, with no tongue, with no throat. Nevertheless its steps can be heard and its clothing makes a hushed sound, like a tree. –Pablo Neruda, Nothing But Death

Musicians: David Small, baritone; Carla McElhaney, piano; Jamie Small, guitar | Poetry and texts will be read by the musicians. | Visual Artist: Adrienne Hodge

Theme: Death. Baritone David Small, guitarist Jamie Small, pianist Carla McElhaney, and artist Adrienne Hodge face Death head on, and its themes of loss, letting go, transition, new beginnings, and transformation.

Program: GERALD FINZI | Fear no more the heat 'o the sun • CHRIS DeBLASIO | Walt Whitman in 1989 (from the AIDS Quilt Song Book) • JAMES TAYLOR | Fire & Rain • FRANZ SCHUBERT | Litanei • JOHNNY CASH | Hurt • DAVID BYRNE | Everything That Happens Will Happen Today • Poetry and texts by CHRISTINA ROSSETTI, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, PABLO NERUDA and much more...

4th Tap Brewing Co-Op | Doors 12:00pm, Music 12:30pm | Food Truck: HOT BOX DINER | $1 Off Beer

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