Trying to Become Dangerous


Trying to Become Dangerous


The Chariot • March 12

Austin Flute Project • Katherine Hoerth

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Trying to become dangerous (The Chariot)

But I am at the desk upstairs, writing. And the garden is here outside my window, filled with fellow citizens sipping lattes and driving Toyotas. And I am trying to become dangerous. –Nathan Brown, Neruda’s Garden

Musicians: The Austin Flute Project [Marcela DeFaria Casaubon, Bryan Kennard, Kristine Reaume, Rachel Kaplan] | Poet: Katherine Hoerth

Theme: The Austin Flute Project and poet Katherine Hoerth are our guides for The Chariot, bringing to life its themes of youth's confidence, risking new things, mastering contradictions, penetrating the great unknown, succeeding in a great leap forward.

Program: TILL MEYN - Urban Ragas | JENNIFER HIGDON - Steely Pause | ZEQUINHA DE ABREU - Tico-Tico No Fuba | Poetry written and read by KATHERINE HOERTH.

4th Tap Brewing Co-Op | Doors 12:00pm, Music 12:30pm | Food Truck: Hot Box Diner | $1 Off Beer

Sunday Revel Unclassified programs are approximately an hour long. Purchasing tickets will place you on the door list for this event. You will receive an email confirmation, but no physical tickets will be mailed. Just show up and enjoy!