Your new weekend non-routine

Imagine a place where musicians, poets, and visual artists come together to tell timeless stories in brand new ways. A welcoming creative community that embraces both the experimental and the classic, so long as it rings true. An inspiration-infused Sunday brunch that defies classification, serving up craft beer and music, food and poetry, life and art, Revel style.


Every Sunday, January 22 – June 25 | 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op


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"I think success is intrinsic... it's love. it's kindness. it's community."

–tom shadyac

Ours is the story of a courageous, curious, passionate, and ever-evolving creative community, gathered around one central idea: Music can better touch our hearts and minds when we have direct access to its wonders, free from the outmoded restrictions that so often get in the way.

That’s why we invite you to forget the rules. Forget about sitting in prim rows with your hands folded politely, waiting for the appropriate time to clap. Dare to engage. Let yourself be moved. Laugh when the music is funny, cry when the music is sad. Come as you are. Listen with abandon. This is what it means to “revel.” And now, through Revel Unclassified, we are thrilled to include voices from other artistic mediums to help us bring new dimensions to our musical offerings, drawing us into the next exciting stage of our shared evolution.


"There is something deeply built into us that needs story itself. Story is a source of nurture; we cannot become true human beings for ourselves and for each other without story."

–Vincent Harding

Revel Unclassified tells stories through music, spoken word, and visual art. Our first installment of Revel Unclassified portrays the Hero’s (or Fool’s) Journey, using the 22 Major Arcana cards of a Tarot deck as points of departure for each weekly chapter. Event titles are derived from literary quotes that relate to the themes, and the performers, speakers, and artists have used these themes to curate their offerings. The result is the timeless story of our shared human experience, brought to life in a whole new way.

"I've made genuine connections over a pint of 4th tap beer, and that is priceless.  craft beer fosters an incredible sense of community that i never knew existed until we started this project."

–Erin Stecker, 4th Tap Co-Founder

We couldn’t think of a more perfect place for a weekly arts-infused brunch than 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op. Their warm, welcoming taproom, friendly staff, and excellent craft brews make it one of the best places in Austin to connect and engage with your creative community.

"if you love classical music and want to hear some true masters, come here. if you have never listened at all and think it may not be your thing, come here...revel will move you."


We’ve blown the lid right off of the box with Revel Unclassified, making Revel more accessible than ever before. We’re offering more events, more affordable ticket prices, a more relaxed and welcoming venue, more of your favorite musicians, more poetry, more visual art, more variety… just more.


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